Guidelines for Authors


The Journal «Demography and Social Economy» is classified with DOI index since 2009. All manuscripts are subjects for internal and external review by the members of the Editorial Board, and experts from the respective research fields. The Editorial Board should receive at least one external review and at least one internal review. To ensure the fair examination of scientific value of manuscript, an independent blind review can be used (without mentioning the names of authors and reviewers).

The Editorial Board has a privilege to review, edit, abridge (not changing author’s opinion), and select the manuscripts. In case of a negative review or important remarks, the manuscript can be returned to the author (authors) for working out. Declined manuscripts should not be returned. The manuscripts submitted with no consideration of the mentioned requirements, cannot be published in the Journal. The reviewed manuscripts are examined by the Editorial Board of the Journal and recommended by the Scientific Council of the Institute.

The author is responsible for authenticity of the information, data, references, names and translation. The materials that are being published in the journal reflect the view of their authors, and not necessarily are agreeing with the position of Editorial Board.

The publication is free of charge for the authors.

To be considered for a publication in the journal, only research papers that have never been published before are accepted. The article should be devoted to the relevant subjects, present the results of a thorough study, be characterized by innovations and scientific conclusions in accordance with article’s goals (specified tasks).

Manuscript Requirements

The length of accepted manuscripts should be 22–24 pages (including references and extended sum- maries) of A4 format, 1.5 spacing. All margins – 2 cm, indent – 1.27 cm, font: Times New Roman 14 pt saved in Word for Windows (*.doc).

To create formulas, tables and charts, special functions of the Word for Windows should be used. The articles should be provided in two copies, in printed and electronic variants (by e-mail or on a flash drive).

The articles are accepted in Ukrainian or English. No separation of words is accepted. The last page should be signed by the author. Postgraduate students and competitors for PhD should provide a letter of reference from their supervisors.

The author should also sign the License Agreement to agree with publication in the Journal.

Every manuscript should be classified with UDC and JEL Classification Codes.

The abbreviations layout scheme, font sizes, intervals, structure of paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, as well as references, are described at the web-site in details.
At the beginning of the article, authors’ name and surname should be placed, as well as their academic degree and rank, position, affiliation, postal and electronic address, ORCID, the publication’s title, summary and the key words – in two languages.

The article should consist of the next structural components:

  • description of the research problem,
  • relevance of the theme,
  • analysis of the recent studies and publications,
  • research methods,
  • setting of the article’s goal and tasks,
  • innovative character,
  • the main findings of the study,
  • conclusions and prospects of future studies in the field.

The Ukrainian, English, Summary should be within more than than 1,800 printed signs (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 32, dated January 15, 2018).

Mandatory guidelines for the Summary: informing character (no general words); well-developed structure (successive logic of description of the article’s findings should be assured); relevant (description of article’s main contents; define the study’s main tasks; summarize the key findings and their importance); detailed definition of the author’s contribution (which positions are developed, proposed, defined, justified, made, revealed, etc.); compact character.

Author’s summary should: explain the study’s approaches, but without methodological details; provide no references and abbreviations.
When describing the paragraph «Analysis of the recent studies and publications», the author should provide 3–4 examples of studies in brief, and describe the contribution of these authors (name and surname in the language of the article).

All graphic materials (figures, illustrations, schemes, charts, etc.) should be clear and expressive. The sources of information should be placed below the titles of figures.

The tables should be accompanied with a title, while their headlines should precisely respond to the contents, with no empty cells. The sources of information should be placed below the tables.

Data Citation

When citing the Journal «Demography and Social Economy», the authors should refer the Journal’s name – Demohrafiia ta sotsialna ekonomika; Demography and Social Economy and indicate the doi of the article.

The references (no more than 15 works) are placed in accordance with the order of citing over the text. To simplify the procedure of citing references in accordance with the requirements of the State Certification Commission of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, you could use the online resource for making automatic references.

The Literature and References should be at least 18-20 sources. The author can make references in the Literature to his scientific works, but only to one work.

Attention! Due to inclusion of the journal into some international bibliography and reference databases, the References of publications should be prepared in two blocks: LITERATURE and REFERENCES (this requirement is also eligible for publications in English):

  1. LITERATURE – sources of reference in Ukrainian, prepared in accordance with the Ukrainian standard of bibliography description 8302:2015;
  2. REFERENCES – the same list of references into English, designed according to the international bibliographic standard APA-2010

The titles of periodic journals in Ukrainian and Russian languages (journals, collections, etc.) are given in the English translation.


We recommend the next approach to structuring bibliographic references in the article:

books:  Author, A. A. (2021). This is a book title. Abingdon: Routledge;

journals:  Author, A. A. (2011). Title of article. Title of Journal, 5(1), 123–231. doi:xx.xxxxxxxxxx;

Internet sources: Author, A. A. (2017). Title of work. http://

A free program for translation of Ukrainian texts is available at the web-site:, while transliteration of Russian texts is available at:

For additional information please check the reference:

References formatting manual     Paper formatting sample


Deadline for submission of articles to the journal:

  1. the first number to 20th of December (journal submission for publication in March of next year);
  2. the second number to 10th of March Febraury (journal submission for publication in June of this year);
  3. the third number to 20th of May (journal submission for publication in September of this year);
  4. the fourth number to 10th of September (journal submission for publication in November of this year).

The manuscript should be attached with the author’s reference: full name and surname of the author, academic degree and rank, affiliation, including institutions and positions, full postal address (with index), e-mail, contact telephone numbers.